Government to utilise software to track vaccination rate

Government to utilise software to track vaccination rate

The Guyana Government is interested in software developed by India to track COVID-19 vaccination progress daily.

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony today said the Covin App will be a key part of the country’s vaccine rollout. The software will streamline data on Covid-19 vaccine procurement, distribution, circulation, storage, and doses schedules.

The app will also enable authorities to upload and access data on real time basis and provide updates on those on the priority list.

“We are very much interested in it, because we believe it will help us to aggregate the numbers of from the sites that we have, currently we have about 100 sites. So, it would make aggregating those numbers quite easy and we would be able to track almost on a minute-by-minute basis how the vaccination is going because that is how the software is built,” The Minister explained.

The software will be customized to the specific needs of Guyana.

The Minister explained that he was recently briefed on the technical details of the software and decided that it is needed here.

He said that information that was garnered so far from the country’s vaccination rollout will be put in the software to make the information easier to read.

“Our record keeping has been quite comprehensive, not only do we have the names and addresses and so forth, but we have also been tracking the vaccine, the type of vaccine, batch number, serial number, and a whole host of technical things which are required. So, we have very comprehensive information, but the information is not in a user-friendly manner, and that is what this software is going to change,” Dr. Anthony explained.

The software is expected to better guide trends and patterns with the vaccination rollout.

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