Govt. seeking $18 Billion in supplementary budget; Opposition voices concern

Govt. seeking $18 Billion in supplementary budget; Opposition voices concern

The Government will be going to the National Assembly this morning to seek more than $18 Billion in a supplementary budget for this year.  The National budget was passed just three months ago to the tune of over $330 Billion.  The additional sum being sought is to cover both capital and current expenses.

The APNU+AFC has flagged the move by the government as concerning. In a statement, the Opposition it is ludicrous that the Government is seeking a sum of more than $18 billion just three days before the end of the budget year and with another budget expected in February.

According to the coalition, it is impossible for the government to legitimately spend $18 billion in three days and it is concerned by the sudden rush to seek the money and get it approved.

The opposition has also raised concern about the government also seeking approval for the sum of $792 million that it has already spent from the contingency fund between the months of October and December.

With a budget passed just a month before the contingency fund was tapped into, the coalition is questioning how is it possible for the government to run out of money just one month after passing a budget.

The Finance Minister is expected to provide details on the government’s additional spending when the National Assembly meets this. Morning.

The Opposition Leader is expected to host a media briefing just before the start of the day’s sitting.

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