Granger lambastes Ramotar over series of “feral blasts”

Granger lambastes Ramotar over series of “feral blasts”

Leader of the Opposition David Granger believes President Donald Ramotar ought to apologise for several “feral blasts” he has made over the past three years against various Guyanese citizens.

Speaking at the APNU’s first press conference for the year, Mr. Granger said President Ramotar has degraded the “high office of President of the Republic with his invective and vituperative language”.

Just last week a recording surfaced of President Ramotar responding to a heckler at a political meeting in Aishalton by telling the heckler that former President Jagdeo would have slapped him if he was there because he is “stupid”.

Mr. Granger said the President never bothered to apologise to the amerindian man for the “stupid” comment and that shows the level at which the office of the President may have sunk.

“The frequency and vulgarity of his offensive statements against certain persons and in public places suggest that there is a deeper disdain and reckless disregard both for the Presidency and the people. He is bringing the entire nation into disrepute”, Granger said.

According to the Opposition Leader, the incident at Aishalton “explains why our political culture has deteriorated so rapidly over the last fifteen years under Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar. It explains why the public has lost respect for the President. It explains also why ordinary Guyanese no longer have much confidence in the Government. It explains why there have been so many public protests against political and governmental officials all around the country.”

President Ramotar has brushed aside concerns over his statement and told one section of the press that he could not really recall what he said to the heckler during his meeting.

The heckler who is a teacher, said just after the meeting he was accosted by two Presidential guards and slapped for his statements during the meeting.

APNU Member of Parliament and former Police Commissioner Winston Felix said members of the Presidential guard have no immunity and as such a proper investigation of the incident should be conducted and charges should be laid.

The Head of the Presidential Guard Service believes the incident was overblown for political purposes.

Filed: 2nd January 2015



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