Aishalton wants teacher who heckled President to be transferred for “shaming community”

Aishalton wants teacher who heckled President to be transferred for “shaming community”

The Village council of the Region 9 Amerindian community of Aishalton wants school teacher John Adams who complained about being slapped by a Presidential guard after he heckled the President, to be transferred from the community over the incident and “previous incidents”.

According to the one of the councillors of the Village Council, Regis James, a decision was made  on Monday to expel Adams from the community and request that he be transferred to a school outside of the community.

James said the decision was made at a public village meeting which looked at a number of issues including the slapping incident. James told News Source that the teacher has brought great shame on the community and it was time for him to leave.

The official noted that “All of his files came up at the public meeting and not just about when the President was here. And what came up was all the news about Aishalton, Aishalton, Aishalton in the media  and in the public and its shameful that one village name is being called and so the public statutory meeting was held and everything came up”.

“He is a Guyanese but Aishalton is ruled by a village council”, the village councillor said, as he sought to explain the council’s decision.

“We are not saying that he must get knock off but he must at least be transferred to another secondary school”, he said.

On December 3rd, 2014, President Donald Ramotar was campaigning in the amerindian community when the school teacher objected to some of his statements at the meeting. When the teacher raised the concerns related to former President Jagdeo, Mr. Ramotar told him that he was lucky Jagdeo was not at the meeting, since he would have “slapped you up because you stupid”.

Ramotar and his office have brushed aside the incident.

The teacher said it was just after that meeting that he was accosted by Presidential guards who questioned him about why he was heckling the President. He said when he stood his ground, he was slapped several times to the face. A police report was made against the Presidential guard but its unclear how the investigations have been progressing.

 Teacher John Adams has been working in the community for a number of years as a mathematics teacher at the secondary school in the village. His wife is also a teacher.

He said members of the ruling party would always have an issue with him because he would voice issues affecting the community whenever there are meetings.


Filed: 6th January, 2015

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