Granger warns PPP about “race baiting”

Granger warns PPP about “race baiting”

Opposition and APNU Leader, David Granger on Friday issued a stern warning to the People’s Progressive Party about what he considers “race baiting” by the party and its members.

At his weekly press briefing, Mr. Granger said as the PPP moves into full election campaigning mood, there is increased “fear-mongering” and efforts to fan racial flames.

He lashed out at the governing party for what he called “inflammatory racist statements” that it has been issuing and said the PPP might have to deal with the consequences of its actions.

“The PPP has been publishing inflammatory, racist statements in order to influence the attitudes and behaviour of Amerindians and persons of Indian origin. The PPP, on 1st December, falsely claimed that the indigenous population had been “battered” under the PNC regime and that the Opposition was“attempting to disenfranchise the Amerindians”, Granger said.

The Opposition Leader has indicated that he intends to write the Guyana Elections Commission on the issue. When asked if he intends to also file a police complaint, Granger reminded that the Police Force still falls under the direction of the Minister of Home Affairs who is also the General Secretary of the PPP.

He noted that the PPP is clearly trying to create ethnic conflict while building fear among the citizens. The party said it wants citizens to reject those motives.

The Alliance For Change has also been accusing the PPP of racially charged messages.


Filed: 5th December, 2014

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