GT&T rolls out “More Speed” enhanced internet service

GT&T rolls out “More Speed” enhanced internet service

Promising increased speed at cheaper prices, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company on Wednesday morning rolled out its faster internet service which is already available in some East Bank Demerara and East Coast communities.

The increased and improved service now offers internet speed of up to 10 Megabits per second which is 10 times faster than the last top speed of 1 megabit per second. The service is already available in the Diamond, Eccles, Nandy Park, Houston and Providence communities along the East Bank of Demerara and at Enterprise on the East  Coast.

At a media briefing, Chief Executive Officer of GT&T, R.K Sharma said the service will be available in three packages under the bronze, silver and gold banners.

The bronze package will be the current 1.5mbps speed which is currently enjoyed by most customers. The cost for that package will go for $4,999 monthly, while the silver package will provide speed of up to 5 mbps and that will be available for $9,980 per month. The gold package which will provide the full 10 mbps speed will be available for $14,979 per month.

The new service will be available to central Georgetown and other parts of the country by the end of May. However, in those areas that may not be able to access the increased service because of location, customers will get up to 50% off the cost they pay for their current service.

“GT&T’s commitment to the people of Guyana is to continually provide faster and better services at competitive prices and to always earn the position as the best and logical choice for customers”, Sharma said.

Asked about whether the company will be able to improve the internet speed for its mobile customers, Sharma explained that a move to 3G and 4G speed for mobile phones is a work in progress.

He said while GT&T is prepared and ready for that upgrade, the National Frequency Management Unit is still to provide the appropriate spectrum to make that dream a reality. He said GT&T continues to be in regular discussion with the NFMU to ensure spectrum is  made available and the service could be provided. The issue he said, is out of the hands of GT&T.

Filed: 1st April, 2015

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