Gunmen invade and rob Rubis Bel Air station

Gunmen invade and rob Rubis Bel Air station

Three bandits on Thursday night carried out a daring Hollywood style robbery of the Rubis gas station in Bel Air leaving staff members and customers traumatized.

According to eyewitnesses, just after 8:30 on Thursday night, a grey coloured Toyoto 212 motor car turned into the service station and two armed men with masks jumped out and held one of the pump attendants at gunpoint, forcing her into Rubis shop where they forced other staff members and customers to lie on the floor as they demanded cash.

One woman who in the shop at the time told News Source she had just entered the business place to make a purchase when she saw the two gunmen forcing the Rubis staff into the shop. The young woman who asked that her identity not be revealed told News Source that “they bring the sales girl in with a gun on she and they shout for everybody to lay down in the shop and we all lay down”.

She added that the gunmen later requested all of their cell phones while firing a warning shot in the shop. “They take everybody phone and they shoot the glass and took everything and said 5 seconds after we leave, ya’ll could get up”, the woman said.

She admitted to News Source that she tried to hide her phone but it rang just as the gunmen were leaving and they grabbed it on their way out.

The two men jumped into the Toyota motor car where the third bandit was waiting and they made good their escape.

The service station was robbed of an undisclosed sum of money. Management did not want to speak to the media, as the police were conducting their investigations. The emergency response services of the MMC Security company was summoned but the gunmen had already made their escape by the time they arrived.

The Guyana Police Force dispatched several patrols along the East Coast Highway and there were roadblocks set up as a hunt started for the three bandits. Investigations are ongoing.

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