“Evil Spirits” force Guyanese out of St. Lucian home

“Evil Spirits” force Guyanese out of St. Lucian home

(St. Lucian News Online) Apparitions of a black male figure, scratching and tapping sounds, a croaking frog, doors opening and closing, whispers and knocking, all sound like scenes from a Hollywood horror movie, but this scenario is happening in St. Lucia.

About three weeks ago, a Guyanese family was forced to flee their unfinished three-bedroom house in Bisee, Castries by what they describe as an “evil spirit”, which has not only possessed their 16-year-old son but has no intentions of leaving until all members of the family are killed.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (May 29), 36-year-old Paullet Adolphus said religious leaders have told the family that the evil entity was “planted” at the residence by someone or some persons.

Adolphus, who now lives in Massade, Gros Islet, said she did not know much about spirits, but based on past and current experiences in St. Lucia, she is now a strong believer.

Signs of evil showed itself not long after the family – Adolphus and her boyfriend and two children (now ages 16 and 13) – bought a piece of land in the hills of the Castries community two years.

Adolphus is clueless as to why anyone would do evil to her family.

Adolphus said a large eel-like creature was discovered while they were digging to create a septic tank (pit) on their new property. Eels are not amphibians – they’re a type of fish – but can survive out of water for some time. According to various sources, when migrating, eels will cover long distances over land if they have to and conditions are suitably wet.

However, Adolphus said when the creature was discovered the land was “dry and cracked” and there are no wetlands nearby.

She said her husband poured gasoline on the “eel”, burning the creature’s “legs”. Later that evening, she claimed her boyfriend complained about feeling a burning sensation on his legs and the family joked that it was because of what he did to the eel.

But when the family moved into the house, strange things begun to occur.

She gave an account of a series of events she believes were caused by the evil entity.

“Well the first thing that was very strange: my son woke up the morning, the middle of the night actually, and he said ‘He’s coming and get me, he coming, he coming’ and he (my son) start crying so we ran to his rescue, and actually his neck was going around so we grab on his neck and we tried to stabilise it, so he said ‘mommy he want to break my neck’. I say ‘who want to break your neck? There have nothing in there to break your neck, what happen to you?’ He said ‘the jumbie, the jumbie’ (evil spirit) so my boyfriend hold him and just as he hold him the thing tried to possess him too.”

She continued: “The morning I woke up and we tell him, ‘Well, we have to go to church’, so while going down, before I go downstairs, I feel something tap my ears so I said ‘that’s funny, nobody in the house (upstairs), who tap my ears?’ So I was looking around to see if anybody was just joking, and they had nobody there. I went downstairs and I tell them ‘well let’s go because something just tapped my ears.

“Eventually we heard a frog in a very funny sound, so I tell them ‘a frog in the toilet’ so they laughing and say how frog reached in the toilet, but we just joke about it and leave it like that. Eventually it wasn’t so, it was more than that. And why? Because the frog eventually became a miserable something; the house, you start hearing the roof, things hitting and pelting on the roof, the doors locking and open, the doors knocking. In the night somebody would come and do that? I don’t think so.”

The family currently lives here at Massade, Gros Islet but strange activities continue to haunt the family, not the house necessarily.

She said the haunting continued even outside the house.

“The materials under the house — because the house still building – everything moving as if people packing stuff as if people moving things around to do work,” she noted.

The longer they lived at the house, the more intense the haunting became.

“The TV burn, the computer burn, the iron burn, the printer burn. Everything in the house. You want something you can’t find it. You see a lot of frogs in the yard, eggs in the yard. Now it gets worst. Day after day things happening in the house,” she said.

More frightening is that all members of the family have seen the apparitions of a man, believed to be the demon, in the Bisee house. The man was seen watching TV as well.

“Well I see a man sit down, my son complain he see a man, my daughter complain a man lying down beside her bedside. There is a lot of funny stuff.

“My boyfriend complained that he saw the man walking around in the house earlier but then later the man tried to get into his body, but then when he run he saw the little man jump through the window of the house. But then we had to move, we had to move because there was something nasty. I don’t want to disclose it because actually the spirit came to the house to kill us. Yes I saw the man moving around the house.”

Adolphus was asked to give a description of the apparition.

“Well you just seeing the shadow of a man, the image of a man directly, but it is just dark,” she noted.

The Guyanese national who has been living in St. Lucia for the past seven years, said she had the house blessed. She pointed out that on one occasion, after a pastor blessed the house, he told her the entity would get angry. His words came to pass. She said shortly after the pastor left the entity began attacking members of the family, hitting them about their body at various times.

Adolphus peeps inside the house after she, along with the SNO reporter, heard strange sounds coming from the unoccupied house.

She was advised by a pastor and a relative to move out of the house.

“My boyfriend’s sister – he is a twin – called and she said, ‘ya’ll move out from that house right now because I am seeing ya’ll coming out one by one in a coffin. I said ‘how you see we in a coffin’ and she said ‘I dream that and I know that’.”

The horror stories have also scared the construction workers who were completing the house. She said they have not returned to work over concerns for their safety.

The family eventually moved to Massade, Gros Islet three weeks ago – the same place they lived for about five years prior to moving to Bisee.

But all is not well. The evil spirit is still terrorising the family – through their son.

“The biggest problem right now is my son. Right now he complaining that he seeing this man and this man tell him that there is no God so he must not talk about God because he is going to kill him, and this thing asked him to kill us all in the house because it’s a family the thing come to kill. And he didn’t get to do it so my son have to do it, and my son did possess himself into doing it, and when my son could not have done it to us, he tried do it to himself. He cut up his entire left arm,” she explained.

The family came under attack from the evil as recent as two nights ago.

“And the hurtful part of it is, night before the last, we had one fight with him. That’s how my lip, you can see it there,” Adolphus said, pointing to the scar on her lip.

“We had to hold him (my son) down and he was so strong , he ripped through. He told us that ‘the man said if I can’t kill us (the family), he is going to kill me’. I say you can’t kill yourself because nothing is stronger than God, don’t worry. He said ‘mommy this thing want to kill me, it want to kill me, it coming’. I had to call a friend. I tell her ‘come and help me, come and help me with Neil, I can’t hold Neil, Neil is so strong, Neil fighting too much!” she exclaimed.

“She come and she start praying for him.  However we went to the Trumpet of the Nation (church in Rodney Bay) and the prophet told us, the prophet said it is a very serious situation, ‘Ya’ll cannot go back to that house, sell it because ya’ll is going to find ya’ll selves in problems’, so we ask him ‘well why?’. He said the people bury the stuff on the house. And what he can do is to clean the place but he cannot take it away because they’re going to put it back at the place so that’s the biggest problem we have right now,” said the distraught mother.

She said the entity continues to haunt the family. She told SNO that the spirit plays in her hair and face.

“Because I feel things tap my face, I feel the finger on my face, yes I feel it. I sitting on the chair and I put my hands around the chair, and when my hands were around the chair, I could have felt something playing with my hands, and I took my hands and hit it to the wall and I felt nothing else.

The house is unfinished because the construction workers have abandoned the job after hearing the horror stories.

“My daughter was inside here alone and she complained that something tapping she face and playing around the hair, and eventually she heard something scratching on the wall like it want to come over into she,” Adolphus said.

She now realises moving did not solve the problem.

“So actually what happened there, maybe it was in him (my son) from there (Bisee) and it followed us because we moved … remember it come to kill us, that’s one of the reasons I was being sucked down to bones.

“We have a lot of problems eh because I am hearing things (in the Massade home). We would hear certain music. At the middle of the night everybody is sleeping and the place is very quiet, you would hear sounds,  you would hear things moving, you would hear people …One middle of the night I heard somebody knocking but then you know me being fast I come checking around to see maybe somebody outside, maybe somebody around, but there had nobody.

“You hearing things, pots moving, this moving, nobody not there. You can’t hear pots, people cooking at that hour and nobody not around?”

Adolphus is clueless as to why anyone would want to harm her family.  She believes jealousy is the root of the problem.

“Yes, we had pastors come and pray but according to what we understand, my boyfriend job is much higher than mine so they need the breadwinner to die first. Actually all of us supposed to die, so actually since I am that small, it was actually sucking me down and I never knew. I used to feel sick but when I go to the doctor I found no complaint. I had a lot of weight and I start losing the weight, losing the weight, losing the weight until I become the person I am now: very small. But I never knew, I just take it for granted all the time until that happened.”

She said she has heard many stories as to why evil has been set to destroy her family.

“But then we heard another story from another friend, but then you don’t always believe things you hear all the time. The problem is they consider that he’s a Guyanese, how he come and get a land and build a house before them, that shouldn’t happen, so maybe it has something to do with that,” she explained.

Adolphus also heard that the problem may be stemmed from a possible family dispute over the land that was sold to her. She said if that is the case, her family should not have been harmed because they innocently bought the land.

Adolphus currently lives alone with her children in Massade. Her boyfriend is currently overseas and does not want to return to St. Lucia long-term. The stressed out woman said she is contemplating moving back to Guyana where she also has a home and where she was a thriving hairdresser.

“It is stressing for me a lot eh. It bring me down to nothing, it pull me down by losing all my weight. It pulls me down because I can’t focus, I can’t think properly. I am not me again and I need to be me,” she said.

While she is contemplating selling the house, which has cost the family over $300,000 to build (including the purchase of the land), her biggest concern is the fate of her son, who she strongly believes is possessed by the demon. She said he is scheduled to sit CXC exams soon and this will affect his focus.

Officials at the teenager’s school are also aware of the problems facing the family. According to the mother, she received a letter from the school recently, indicating that her son told a teacher the entity tempted him to jump off a balcony, hurt students and kill himself. The school advised the parent to seek mental checkup for her son.

“I went to the school day before yesterday and I had no complaints that he would misbehave, but sometimes he has been rude, and like if they ask him ‘Neil what happen to you, you’ve been such a nice boy all the time what happen, what happen’ and he said ‘miss I don’t know, I don’t know’, but eventually he told the teacher that the spirit is telling him to jump from the top of the balcony, go into the class and beat the kids up in the class and kill himself,” she said.

She said she is only complying with the school’s request out of respect for the school and the Ministry of Education. However, she declared that no one in her family suffers or suffered from mental problems, and her son’s problem is definitely due to demon possession.

The mother also revealed that her son – while he was being prayed for by a church sister – told them that he felt someone standing behind him. The church sister also revealed that she too saw the apparition standing behind the teenager.

When asked if she has ever considered exorcism, Adolphus said: “No because we don’t know anything about the exorcising and these people, but what we did we went to the church and they prayed for us and the pastor said the thing is in my son, the spirit is in him.”

St. Lucia News Online visited the haunted house in Bisee for a photo shoot, but was warned by Adolphus that she is not interested in venturing inside the house. She said persons who have been  inside the house complained of sleeplessness, irritation, feeling cold, among other “destructive” events. She said her boyfriend also warned her not to visit the house again.

With that caution, the SNO reporter and Adolphus stayed outside and walked around the yard. Building materials – wood, cement, blocks, stones, and sand – were strewn about the yard, signs that the workmen may have left in a hurry. One of the steps to the house is unfinished.

While taking photos, the SNO reporter was told: “Be careful where you standing there, that’s where the row of eggs were found.”

The reporter moved from the spot promptly.

While taking more photos, Adolphus then asked for quiet: “Did you hear that?”

At that moment, the SNO reporter heard “shuffling” sounds coming from the master bedroom Adolphus shared with her husband. Looking from below, inside the house was dark and there were no visible signs that anyone was inside the house.

The shuffling stopped. However, a few minutes later the SNO reporter heard “tapping” sounds coming from the same room. Adolphus also admitted hearing it too. The sounds were intermittent. Adolphus disclosed that it was in that room she felt a lot of the tapping sensations on her face, neck and hands.

Despite the ordeal, Adolphus is a sad and broken woman.

“It burns me you know,” she said as we walked around the yard. “I would take some pride and I won’t cry.

She said she and her family have made a lot of sacrifices, including taking a loan and money from personal savings to build the house, only to lose it due to demonic activity, suspected to have been “planted” by an unknown enemy.

“It is very funny, and I don’t understand exactly why us. We are not the problem. I don’t have any enemies you know. I don’t trouble people. I am more friendly, into people, than be destructive to people, so I don’t know why,” she said.

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