Gunmen snatch millions from Carmichael Street Post Office

Gunmen snatch millions from Carmichael Street Post Office

Police investigators launched a search on Tuesday morning for two armed men who carried out a daring mid morning robbery at the Guyana Post Office branch at the Corner of Carmichael and Lamaha Streets.

The gunmen attacked the Post Office just after 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning and carted off an undisclosed sum of cash believed to be in the millions. The money was lodged at the Post Office for Pension and other payments.

One of the post office workers was lashed to the face with a gun by one of the robbers and had to be taken to a city hospital for treatment.

Police investigators arrived on the scene moments after the incident and launched their probe. Post Offices across the country have come under attack from gunmen over the past years. While there might be heavy security presence at the main post offices, many of the small branches would have little or no police presence.

The Carmichael Street branch building also housed an internet cafe and the office for a Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits.

The gunmen reportedly escaped in a white Toyota motor car.

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