Guyana born youth drowns while swimming in Barbados

Guyana born youth drowns while swimming in Barbados

A  Guyanese  family living in Barbados is devastated with the loss of their son. 18-year-old Shaquille Grant died on Thursday (September 11)  after he encountered difficulties after reportedly plunging into the sea at Crane Beach in St. Philip, Barbados.

The Guyanese youth moved to Barbados with his mother and other relatives when he was much younger and called the island his second home. His  lifeless body was found and pulled out of the sea on Friday by the Barbados Coast Guard.

He was reportedly in the company of three of his friends when tragedy struck. Reports out of the island state that the group of young men were plunging and diving together when it was realised that Grant did not resurface. The Police were contacted and along with the Barbados Coast Guard, a search for his body started.

The young man’s mother Allison Denny told Barbados Today  that she last saw her son asleep in his bedroom when she was getting ready to leave home for work on Thursday. According to the Barbados Today report, “a few hours later, she said, he called her requesting money and informed her that he was going to visit a friend in Dover”.

The mother said the next call she got was from someone who informed her that her son was in the company of some young men who had gone to the beach to swim and that he had drowned. She said at first she did not want to believe the news but her worst fears were eventually confirmed after his body was found.

The mother told the Barbados Today that “I didn’t go, but my cousins went. They said that he was jumping off the cliff and like them went three times and like the third time that he jump off the tide started coming in the same time and the water drift him out.

“They said he was hollering for help and the boys he was with was going to help he but somebody told them not to go because the water was too dangerous so don’t take the chance and go.

“But I know them boys would have gone and help he because those are his best friend and his cousin and I know they would have gone and helped him. If it was just the three of them alone they would have gone,” she said.

Allison Denny described her son as her joy and said he was really just a “sweet child”.


Filed: 14th September, 2014

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