Guyana Foreign Minister not moved by Venezuela’s suspension of appointment of Ambassador

Guyana Foreign Minister not moved by Venezuela’s suspension of appointment of Ambassador

Vice President and Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge has responded to the Venezuelan government’s decision to suspend the approval of the new Guyana Ambassador to Caracas.

In a short statement on Thursday, Foreign Minister Greendige vowed to continue speaking out against Venezuela’s illegal claim to the Essequibo region and Guyana’s oil rich maritime space.

He said “I regret President Maduro’s fondness for broadcast diplomacy which Guyana will not follow. Guyana will not be silent where its rights under law continue to be denied.”

President Maduro had appeared in a television broadcast in Venezuela to announce his decision to halt the process for the accreditation of the new Ambassador.

Amidst the ongoing tensions between Guyana and Venezuela, the Venezuelan President ordered the suspension of the diplomatic appointment. The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry announced that the procedures for acceptance were ongoing, but were “frustrated” by recent statements made by Greenidge.

Guyana’s Foreign Minister said the country is not discouraged by the move and said “the path of peace is the path of law, and Guyana will continue to pursue it.”

Career diplomat Cheryl Miles has been named to be Guyana’s new Ambassador to Venezuela.

According to reports out of the Venezuelan media, Mr. Maduro said that “due to the attacks, he ordered the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodríguez, to stop the process of accreditation requested by the Guyanese Government.”

“It is nonsense to initiate the diplomatic way of regularization, the appointment and admission of ambassadors and suddenly go to the United States to launch attacks against Venezuela”, the Venezuelan Leader is quoted as saying.

The Government of Venezuela under Maduro resurrected its decades old claim following the announcement of the discovery of oil, offshore Guyana within Guyana’s maritime area.

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