Guyana’s COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 90% -Health Minister

Guyana’s COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 90%  -Health Minister

While 90% of the persons who contracted the deadly Covid-19 virus in Guyana have recovered, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony today admitted there is still lots of work to be done to improve the recovery rate.

During his daily Covid-19 update, the Health Minister explained that since the pandemic was first detected in Guyana, the country recorded 20,645 positive cases to date, with more than 18,000 persons making full recoveries.

“As of today 18,619 persons have recovered which amounts to about 90%  of those who have been infected,” the Minister said.

Dr. Anthony further explained that there are about 1,600 active cases of the virus in the country with the majority of those persons in home isolation.

He has urged those persons to continue to isolate themselves so as to contain the spread of the disease. 

“I think with the numbers we are seeing 18,619 so far recovering, I think it is a good number. Of course, we would like to see it being much better but unfortunatey there were persons who had the severe form of covid and died as a result. That has been challenging but we will nevertheless continue to work,” Dr. Anthony said.

The Minister pointed out that if positive Covid-19 patients do not have the facility to isolate at home, isolations centres are available in each region.

“We also have quarantine centres, and the difference between quarantine and isolation is that quarantine is for those persons who we suspect might have Covid and therefore we will keep them away from others and observe them to see whether they have developed the symptoms. Isolation however is for persons who are already positive,” Dr. Anthony noted.

The Ministry of Health will be working with the Georgetown municipality to establish more vaccination sites around Georgetown as the Government moves ahead with its vaccination programme.

The Health Minister is still unable to give a definitive date for the arrival of the 2nd dose Sputnik vaccines. Over 100,000 persons are awaiting the 2nd dose.

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