Guyanese man sentenced to five years in jail for drug trafficking in UK

Guyanese man sentenced to five years in jail for drug trafficking in UK

A Guyanese drug smuggler who travelled from Barbados to Manchester, England with 72 small packets of cocaine in his stomach, has been sentenced to give years in jail.

The 53-year-old man has been identified as Wade Williams. He was stopped by Border Force officers on February 14, 2015  after his flight from Barbados landed at Manchester Airport.

The incident adds to another high profile case, with another smuggler caught at Manchester Airport last month.

According to reports, Williams who lived in Georgetown, started producing the packages after high-tech border checks and during questioning.

He was taken for an X-ray and it was confirmed that he had swallowed just over three pounds of high-purity cocaine in 72 small packages.

English media reported that the drugs’ likely street value once cut would have been £200,000. The bags were so potent that had just one of them split it could have been fatal.

The Head of the National Crime Agency’s Manchester Border Investigation team said:

“This demonstrates the desperation shown by smugglers to get illegal drugs into the UK. His actions were foolish to say the least – had just one of the 72 packages swallowed by Williams broken or split it is likely the consequences would have been fatal.

It also shows that it doesn’t matter how well traffickers hide the drugs, we can still find them and stop them.”


14th April, 2015

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