Guyanese man stabbed to death in St. Lucia by masked men

Guyanese man stabbed to death in St. Lucia by masked men

(St. Lucia Online News)  A Guyanese man has succumbed after he was stabbed in Ciceron, Castries early Saturday morning. Reports are that the victim, 34-year-old Cedolf Hunte of Ciceron, was attacked by four masked men at around 2:40 whilst playing cards with friends in the community.

A stab wound under his right arm is believed to have resulted in his death. An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he saw when Hunte collapsed and fell on his back.

The eyewitness said Hunte may have suffered a serious head injury based on how he fell. The source said after Hunte fell the perpetrators ran, and a few residents gave chase.

Meanwhile, Hunte’s stepmother Rufina Francis told SNO that he was also robbed of cash. Francis said it is believed that two men known to the community may be responsible for his death. She told SNO that Hunte was driving a van sometime late last year, which was robbed of goods.

The owner of the van and Hunte, at the time, confronted the men who they believed were responsible. Since then, the person who was allegedly responsible for the break-and-enter, had told people in Ciceron that he will stab Hunte. Relatives have alleged that the suspect and another friend from La Toc may be responsible for the stabbing incident.

Francis described Hunte as a hardworking individual, who liked to keep to himself. Hunte was a construction worker and had been living in St. Lucia for about seven years.

Filed: 31st August, 2014.

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