Hururu residents launch protests

Hururu residents launch protests

Residents of the small logging and mining community of Haruru in Region 10, Upper Demerara Berbice launched protest actions early Sunday morning against what they see as a move by the Rusal Bauxite Company to take over their reservations. They are also pressing for a reduction in the cost they pay for electricity in that community.

Haruru is located close to 80 miles from the town of Linden. Residents said the bauxite company would supply the community with electricity and no subsides are paid over by the Government. Because of that, they find themselves paying some of the highest electricity rates in Guyana.

The residents have blocked off the main access roads into the Kwakwani mines of Rusal. The company has been looking to expand its operations in the area but residents complain that the expansion could move into their reservations and the company does not appear intent on paying them adequate rent for the reservation. They said the community was being offered $170,000 per month and that is not enough.

The community is also involved in logging and residents are concerned that with the bauxite company’s expansion, those involved in the logging industry at Haruru could find themselves being pushed off of prime plots of land.

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