Jagdeo declares “landslide” victories for PPP in LGE

Jagdeo declares “landslide” victories for PPP in LGE

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo has declared that his party has won the Local Government Elections by a landslide, although its heavy campaigning in the major LGE prize of Georgetown did not result in any major breakthrough.

At a press conference this afternoon, Mr. Jagdeo said his party was able to “wipe out” the APNU and has increased its vote count significantly in the strongholds of the APNU.

He said the PPP is pleased with the Elections result, and is even surprised of its performance in some areas.

From the party’s preliminary assessment, the PPP will control 66 out of the 80 local authority areas while the APNU will control 14, Mr. Jagdeo said.

“This is clearly a wipe out, out of 80 areas, the PPP would have won the majority of the votes—66 of 80, that’s a definition of a massive victory, that is how you define landslide, not by wining a constituency in Georgetown that you have won historically for sixty years,” Mr. Jagdeo said.

For the townships, the APNU will hold on to the towns of Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam, while the PPP has won the towns of Mabaruma, Corriverton, Anna Regina, Rose Hall and Lethem which was uncontested. There was a tie for the number of seats in Mahdia and Bartica and in those cases, the Local Government Minister is expected to break the tie for the Mayorship position and it is likely that a PPP candidate will emerge as the Mayor in those two towns.

He claimed that the party has won each of its strongholds by a commanding margin while in APNU strongholds it made significant progress, citing the party increase in seats in Bartica, Mahdia, New Amsterdam and Georgetown and a combined votes of more than 9,000 in those areas.

“We increased our votes significantly in all of these areas in New Amsterdam by over a thousand votes, in Linden by over two thousand votes and in Georgetown by nearly six thousand votes more. If you add all three that is more than a seat at the National level,” Mr. Jagdeo said.

The party has already sent in several request for recount for Constituency six in Georgetown, on the East Bank of Berbice and in some other areas.

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