Outgoing Mayor thanks citizens of Georgetown for support over five years

Outgoing Mayor thanks citizens of Georgetown for support over five years

Outgoing City Mayor, Ubraj Narine said he is ready to facilitate a seamless transition of the mayorship as a new City Council is expected to take office in the coming days.

Narine did not seek re-election to the Council, but made it clear that his political career is not over.  The City Mayor is a member of the PNC-led APNU.

“The transition of the mayor’s office is ready. Everything is prepared for the new mayor to take over the City of Georgetown. Everything is already set, so that transition can take place very smoothly,” Mayor Narine said.

With his tenure as Mayor winding down, the Georgetown Mayor said he is appreciative of the support he received from the City Council and other groups as he served in the position.

“I want to sincerely thank all the citizens of Georgetown, all the activists, who came out and voted resoundingly for the APNU. I want to also, thank the vendors, who stood by myside from the beginning to the ending of my tenure as mayor. I want to thank all of the businesses as well in the city of Georgetown, who supported the Office of the Mayor, during this period of time,” he said.

Narine said he is proud of the service he provided, stating that under his leadership, the Municipality’s debt was significantly lowered to less than $5B.

 However, he explained that the Council is owed in excess of $13B by a number of government and privately owned entities and businesses.

“When I took office, NIS was five hundred and something million owed to NIS since 1992. It is three hundred and something million now. When I took office, Credit Union was owed over a hundred and something million, the staff can benefit from credit union now. When I took office, the garbage contract was 35 million a month; I negotiated that contract and bring it down to 15 million, and then we bid and it was 13 million a month. This council has worked for both administration and the citizens” the outgoing Mayor said.

Though his term in Office is coming to an end, Narine said he intends to continue his support of the PNC and the APNU and will be gearing up early for the next general elections.

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