Jagdeo disappointed with March elections date but will work with it

Jagdeo disappointed with March elections date but will work with it

Following President David Granger’s statement today that the 2nd March 2020 will be the national elections, whether the PPP returns to Parliament or not, the Opposition Leader has indicated that his party is disappointed with the March elections date, but will have to work with it.

Mr. Jagdeo who last week said he prefers a date in February, told reporters today that his party will work with the date put forward by the President.

“If this is as close as we can get about a definitive date, and it is actually so, we are disappointed but we have to work towards that date”, he said.

The Opposition Leader once again made it clear today that his party will not be returning to the National Assembly to support any move by the government to seek an extension of its life in office.

He said he believes the calls that have been made for the PPP to return to Parliament before it is dissolved are part of an effort to blackmail the party.

With the President confirming the date for elections, the Opposition Leader said the President must now officially make that proclamation of an election date.

But with the Elections Commission indicating that it will not be ready before the end of February, the Presidential Proclamation and dissolving of Parliament are likely to be made later this year to suit the March elections date.

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