Mahaica man chopped to death while defending wife’s honour

Mahaica man chopped to death while defending wife’s honour

A bitter argument between two  men at Helena #2 Mahaica turned deadly on Tuesday afternoon when one of the men was chopped to death by the other.

The dead man has been identified only as “Balkissoon”. He is a 52-year-old father of two who was self employed as a farmer.

According to reports, Balkissoon and the assailant are friends but Balkissoon became angry after hearing that the other man had verbally abused his wife. Reports state that Balkissoon objected to the “cuss out” and told the man to never again “cuss” his wife.

The argument reportedly escalated just after lunch on Tuesday afternoon when the two men came face to face in the backdam and another argument began. During that argument, the other man whipped out  a cutlass and slashed Balkissoon from his left shoulder to the right side of his body.

Balkissoon died on the spot and his assailant has been taken into custody.

Residents of the area were shocked by the murder and said they never expected that death would have been the end result of the argument between the two friends.

Filed: 2nd September 2014.


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