Man shot in Alberttown did not commit any robbery -Witnesses

Man shot in Alberttown did not commit any robbery  -Witnesses

Several persons who were at a 6th Street, Alberttown shop when 26-year-old Dexter Lindo was shot by a Bourda businessman are disputing reports by the businessman and the Police that the young man had attempted to rob the businessman. The businessman owns a beverage distribution company in the Merriman’s Mall arcade.

According to the eyewitnesses, Lindo and a friend and a relative of the businessman got into a heated midday argument on Saturday in the vicinity of the Merriman’s Mall over parking and during the argument Lindo’s friend reportedly slapped the businessman’s relative and the two drove off from the scene.

Lindo and the friend drove to the 6th and Light Street Alberttown shop and were trailed by associates of the businessman who jumped out of their car and followed Lindo into the shop and shot him while he was walking into the business place. The men drove off from the scene and Lindo laid for over 30 minutes in the shop’s passageway before he was eventually taken by onlookers to the hospital where he remained a patient until Sunday morning when he passed away from complications from the gunshot wounds.

In the official police report, the Police claim that it was the Bourda businessman who saw the young man at the shop and opened fire during an armed confrontation. Persons who were in the shop at the time said that is far from the truth and they are convinced that the businessman is taking the wrap for one of his workers because he is a licensed firearm holder.

The witnesses said when Lindo was not armed and never ran from the scene as is alleged in the Police report. They reiterated that he fell to the ground in the shop and remained there until he was taken to the hospital where he died the morning after.

The firearm that the businessman reportedly handed over to the police is reportedly the same firearm that was used by an associate of the businessman to shoot the young man.

The witnesses said the businessman’s story “makes no sense”  and she should be made to explain why after he “cornered” the man in the shop he still shot him and never bothered to call the Police. They said he should also explain to the Police who were the men from his business place that followed the young man to the Alberttown shop.

One witness said “the police don’t like do work or they would have figured out the businessman talking nonsense. How the boy would go to rob he and drive to the street and park to go and lime minutes later and if was an armed confrontation how come the boy get shoot from the back”.

The witnesses said the Police visited the scene but did not conduct any investigations and they should revisit the area and confiscate the security camera footage from the mineral company which is located opposite the shop since that security recording would have captured everything that took place.

Relatives of the dead man have said they need a full investigation into the incident and they want to see the businessman charged for murder.


25th August 2014

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