Mentally ill woman mauled to death by family’s pit bulls

Mentally ill woman mauled to death by family’s pit bulls

A 51-year-old woman who suffered from mental illness was mauled to death by two pit bulls on Tuesday morning at her sister’s Lamaha Springs home in Georgetown.

The dead woman has been identified as Joanne Carter. She recently moved to a small apartment that her sister built for her just at the back of the sister’s Berbice Avenue and Henry Street premises.

According to another sister, Maria Su, the mentally ill sister, Joanne, would be at home all day while the  other sister and her husband went out to their jobs.

She explained that although Joanne had “some mental issues”, it was expected that she would not venture into the yard once the rest of the family was not at home, since the dogs would be left unattended in the yard during the day to provide security. Su said the dogs were not familiar with Joanne.

From all appearances, the 51-year-old woman may have ventured into the yard to do some sweeping and may have forgotten that the dogs would have been roaming the yard. She was attacked close to her small apartment which was built a short distance away from the shabby wooden kennel that was home to the dogs. 10585586_10152589456077604_559019281_n

Her brother-in-law returned home during his lunch break and was greeted by the dogs and their blood soaked faces.

News Source understands that the man believed at first that the dogs may have been fighting with another dog or another animal that found its way into the yard but he was shocked as he went to the back of the yard and discovered his sister-in-law’s body in a kneeling position close to the door of her apartment.

She may have been trying to make her way back into the apartment as the dogs ripped apart her flesh. There were multiple wounds on her body and she was pronounced dead on arrival at a city hospital.

The brother-in-law has since been taken into questioning by the Police.

But even as the police officers took him down to the station to be questioned, the two dogs that mauled the woman to death were still freely roaming the Lamaha Spring yard, while drips of blood could be spotted in the yard and splattered blood remained on the door for the apartment where 51-year-old Joanne Carter recently called home.

5th August, 2014

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