MP Hastings-Williams urges Government to immediately address salary increases for public servants

MP Hastings-Williams urges Government to immediately address salary increases for public servants

Opposition Member of Parliament, Dawn Hastings- Williams today pleaded with her colleagues on the government side to urgently announce a salary increase for public servants, amid the high cost of living.

The Opposition MP said the cost of living issue is now becoming unbearable and the government must intervene to ensure that citizens can afford basic necessities.

She was at the time contributing to the debate on a motion presented by the Opposition for staff entering the public service to be paid their first salary after the first month on the job rather than the current 3 to 6 months period.

Ms. Hastings said it is time the government and opposition come together and come up with a working solution that will benefit the country’s hardworking public servants.

 “We need to work together to move this and to correct what is existing in hindering our public servants to enjoy at least a good life. We all should be ashamed, being an oil producing country. We have withdrawn so much money from profit oil and royalty and our public servants who are the backbone of this country, need consideration,” the Opposition MP said.

The Opposition MP recalled the salary increases which were given to public servants during the coalition time in office and said given the promises made by the PPP during the elections campaign, the government needs to do better to ensure public servants are better taken care of.

The MP who hails from Region 7, said the situation in the hinterland is worse than it is in the coastland, explaining that many basic food items have seen big increases. She said the one-off cash grants that were offered to some by the Government may not be enough.

“If a teacher is to build her home in Region 7 where I am from, to land a bag of cement in Kamarang will cost you at least $14,000- $150,000 for a bag…so if you are going to take in 10 bags of cement you see what that teacher or that nurse will go through. The cost of an egg is between $100- $120,” the Opposition MP said, as she sought to justify why the government must move swiftly to address the cost of living issues.

Ms. Hastings said the time for talking is over and the government must act now to deal the issue.

The Finance Minister has said that the government is monitoring the cost of living issues across the country.

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