Nigel Hughes’ campaign team fires back at Jagdeo criticism

Nigel Hughes’ campaign team fires back at Jagdeo criticism

AFC Leadership Candidate, Attorney Nigel Hughes has fired back at criticism leveled against him by PPP General Secretary, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo.

At a recent press conference, Mr. Jagdeo dismissed Hughes and the Alliance For Change as being void of credibility.

In response, the campaign team for Nigel Hughes reminded that the AFC is the only third force that has consistently expanded its seats in parliament.

The Hughes team said Mr. Jagdeo’s tenure and the PPP/C’s governance have been marred by numerous failures and controversies, noting that one glaring issue is the inequitable distribution of the country’s oil wealth, “which has left many Guyanese feeling excluded from the benefits of their own natural resources.”

The Campaign team for Mr. Hughes said while the government focuses on infrastructure development, such as roads and bridges, that focus has not translated into improved living standards for the average citizen, citing stagnant salaries and a rising cost of living.

“Under Jagdeo’s leadership, an elite class comprising the PPP/C’s top brass and expatriates has emerged, buying up land in and around Georgetown and driving up prices, making it increasingly difficult for ordinary Guyanese to afford property. This growing disparity has fostered resentment and a sense of alienation among the populace. Moreover, the cost of food has surged, exacerbated by conglomerates like Exxon purchasing vast amounts in bulk for their operations, leaving the rest of the populace to contend with exorbitant prices,” the Press statement further noted.

The campaign team noted that corruption has been another significant issue under the PPP/C administration, highlighting a number of recent corrupt government transactions that have grabbed the attention of the country and the Public Procurement Commission.

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