Former Army Officer executed outside Edge nightclub

A former Army Officer who had run afoul of the law on several occasions was gunned down execution style early on Saturday morning in his white Toyota motor car outside the Edge nightclub on Main Street in Georgetown. 20-year-old Denzil Mingo of Third Street, Alberttown had just gone into his car after leaving the nightclub […]

Guyanese man busted with cocaine in pepper sauce at JFK

A Guyanese man who may have left the country without the knowledge of his family is the latest person from these shores to be charged in the United States with drug trafficking. 31-year-old Joseph Alpha Lewis was slapped with drug trafficking charges on Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York after he was busted at the JFK […]

Hotel owner found murdered under bed

The owner of a city Brothel was found murdered on Thursday morning in one of the rooms in his establishment, leaving family members and close friends stunned over his death and the way he was killed. Sixty-one year old Joseph Jagdeo aka “Uncle Joey” was found with his hands and feet tied and his mouth […]

Traffic policeman killed in West Coast crash

More tragedy has struck the Guyana Police Force. On Wednesday evening, a young policeman became the country’s latest road fatality and another rank is nursing serious injuries. Traffic rank, Constable Shaquille Anderson died last evening while riding a motorcycle along the West Coast of Demerara with another traffic policeman. The two were based at the […]

That’s not the man we knew as our father -Gunman’s daughter

Still trying to make sense of her father grabbing three guns and shooting down four persons including two police officers before he himself was killed, the eldest daughter of the gunman Deryck Kanhai remains in a state of disbelief that the man she loved and called father would have such a violent streak. The eldest […]

Equipment for new Forensic Lab goes missing

The new forensic laboratory which will assist the work of the Guyana Police Force has not opened its doors just yet and is still to go into operation but it appears as though one of its first cases will be about the lab itself. The Ministry of Home Affairs announced on Wednesday that the Guyana […]

Albouystown man gunned down in early morning execution

An Albouystown  man was killed early on Wednesday morning as he made his way home from a wake in the area, just two corners from where he lived. According to reports, the man who has been identified as Rayburn Harvey was walking along the street just before 1 am when two men on a motorcycle […]

Gunman kills 4 including 2 policemen before being shot dead

Heavy gunfire shattered the early afternoon quiet in the busy downtown area of Middle Street close to East Street in Georgetown as a heavily armed gold miner went berserk and opened fire on persons in his yard and began a three-hour standoff with dozens of heavily armed policemen. Just after 1 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, […]