Region Four to move ahead with programmes under Budget

Region Four intends to move ahead with the major works covered under the 2015 Budget.

Region Four to move ahead with programmes under Budget

The Regional Administration of Region #4, at an emergency press conference on Monday, sought to quell fears among residents and officials clarified that the Regional Council intends to move ahead with its $4.1 Billion 2015 programme once the National Budget is considered and passed in the House.

Statements attributed to former Regional Executive Officer, Deolall Rooplall in the media at the weekend claimed that the region, which houses almost half of Guyana’s population and is home to central government, was postponing all major works slated for this financial year.

But newly appointed Regional Chairperson, Genevieve Allen discarded those statements as erroneous and said the Region #4 Council had no knowledge of a press statement that was released last Friday.

“I have called this press conference to alleviate the fear that has arisen in the minds of residents of region four concerning the matter,” the Chairperson said.

Allen was backed by the Deputy Regional Chairman, Earl Lambert and the Regional Executive Officer (ag) Ameena Hinds who all asserted that the works remained on the cards which includes the construction and upgrades of several schools and health facilities across the region.

She claimed that Rooplall’s contract with the Council came to an end since July and assumed that his contributions in the media were to create mischief.

The 2015 budget which was presented on August 10 in fact makes clear allocations for the region in areas of administration, public works, education, agriculture and health.

For current expenditure the region is expected to receive a total of 3.9 billion while it is expected to receive 237 million for capital expenditure.

Its total budgetary allocation of $4.1 billion amounts to a sizeable increase from the past two years.

According to details provided by Hinds, a total of $271 million will be spent on agriculture, $164 million for public works, $2.9 billion for education and $590 million for health services.

A new Peter’s Hall Primary School is to be built along with a ‘A’ Grade Golden Grove Secondary School.

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