PNC Executive to finalise decision on second candidate for parliamentary seat tomorrow

PNC Executive to finalise decision on second candidate for parliamentary seat tomorrow

The Executive Committee of the People’s National Congress Reform will meet on Friday to decide on the candidate who will take up the second vacant seat for the APNU+AFC in the National Assembly.

The resignation of Nicolette Henry as a Member of Parliament took effect today. A few weeks ago, former Opposition Leader Joe Harmon resigned. Since the two resignations, the PNC has only decided on current Leader Aubrey Norton taking up one of the seats.

The Speaker of the National Assembly on Wednesday wrote to the Representative of the APNU+AFC list, former President David Granger informing him of the two vacant seats in Parliament for the APNU+AFC.

News Source understands that this morning, Mr. Granger wrote to the Chairman of the APNU who is the PNC Leader and the AFC Leader informing them of the letter that he received and the need for vacant slots to be filled.

Granger has indicated that once he is provided with the two names, he will forward the information to the Elections Commission for extraction from the coalition’s list of candidates.

PNC Leader Aubrey Norton has indicated that tomorrow’s meeting will finalise everything for the seats to be filled.

News Source understands that the PNC’s Executive has been torn between two candidates for the remaining seat, but they are likely to settle the issue tomorrow.

The party leader has previously indicated that his preference is for the other candidate to be someone with a financing or economic background. He attempted to get former party executive Carl Greenidge to take up the post but Mr. Greenidge declined.

He cited his current work on the border case that is before the International Court.

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