Police Force Academy receives full accreditation from National Accreditation Council

Police Force Academy receives full accreditation from National Accreditation Council

The Guyana Police Force Academy has now been fully accredited as a learning institution under the National Accreditation Council.

Executive Director of the National Accreditation Council, Dr Marcel Hutson presented Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Calvin Brutus with the Certificate of Accreditation today.

The Accreditation is for a period of five years.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Brutus said the accreditation marks a significant milestone in the Academy’s journey towards excellence in law enforcement education and training.

“The achievement of Institutional Accreditation is not just a feather in our cap; it is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment of the administration of the Guyana Police Force and its members. It is a reflection of the tireless efforts of our instructors, the dedication of our recruits, and the support of our partners and stakeholders. We take immense pride in this achievement and the positive impact it will have on our nation’s security and the safety of our citizens,” he told those present.

Ahead of its accreditation, the Academy received its Certificate of Registration from the National Accreditation Council in September 2022 , which marked the first step towards full accreditation.

It was explained that Academy, among other things, was required to act on the recommendations outlined in the Discipline Forces Commission Report of 2004.

“These recommendations, aimed at enhancing the professionalism and efficiency of our police force, were subsequently adopted by the National Assembly under Resolution Number 33 in 2007. This adoption demonstrated our commitment to improving the standards and capabilities of our institution. In 2022, we unveiled the Guyana Police Force’s revised Strategic Plan, with a strategic pillar dedicated to “Developing Our People.” This strategic pillar serves as a cornerstone of our commitment to the continuous improvement and development of our officers and recruits. It emphasizes the importance of investing in our human capital to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and competence within our ranks,” the Deputy Commissioner (ag) explained.

The Academy was also required to upgrade its Entrance Examination as well as its Marking and Grading Schemes. In both cases, recruits are required to score no less than 70 marks as a pass rate.

Mr. Brutus said that in keeping with the Force’s commitment to “modernization” and “transformation”, a decision was taken to change the name of the institution from Felix Austin Police College to the Guyana Police Force Academy.

A number of physical upgrades are also being made to the academy.

In achieving its accreditation, the Academy received support from the University of Guyana, Nations University, and Texila University as well as support from the US Embassy, Indian High Commission, and British High Commission.

Mr. Hutson, in his remarks, said the Guyana Police Force was the first public institution to be accredited under the National Accreditation Council.

“The Guyana Police Force moved beyond registration into the realm of accreditation, which speaks to another level of education delivery….The Guyana Police Force is the first public entity that has attained this status…and they should serve as a catalyst for change for the others who are functioning with respect to education delivery, move beyond registration, into the realm of accreditation because what that does for the institution, it makes the institution more viable, and credible,” Dr Huston said.

He noted that no Post Secondary and Tertiary Level Institutions should be operating in the country without being approved by the National Accreditation Council, warning that breach of the National Accreditation Act is a summary offence with a fine of $200,000.

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