Police impersonator arrested at Queens College

Police impersonator arrested at Queens College

A man who pretended to be a police detective was arrested in the Queens College compound on Wednesday morning as he made an attempt to “seize” smartphones from several of the students of the school.

According to an official attached to the school, the man who was well dressed, appeared at the school just after 7:30 am but kept a low profile until classes began close to 9 o’ clock.

He reportedly walked into a classroom and identified himself as a police detective who was part of a “new campaign” to seize expensive cellular phones from students.

Some of the students were already preparing to hand over their phones to the fraudster when one student alerted teachers and his parents. An alarm was raised and the man was blocked from leaving the school. Police were called in and he was handed over. He reportedly gave his name as Andrew Hackett. But investigators say they plant to investigate if that is his real name before charges are filed against him. He remains in custody.


Filed: 21st January 2015

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