Police recovers stolen firearm in P.O robbery

Police recovers stolen firearm in P.O robbery

The Guyana Police Force announced that it has recovered the firearm which was stolen from a policeman during the daring Wismar Post Office robbery on Monday morning.

According to a Statement from the Police Force, the firearm was discovered along the Linden Soesdyke Highway at the roadside minus the ammunition and magazine which were also stolen from the policeman. There was also no trace of the money that the bandits made off with from the Post Office.

Reports suggest that investigators were alerted about the presence of the firearm at the roadside. The Force offered “thanks” to the citizens of Linden who assisted with the investigations. But with the firearm recovered, there is still no trace of the robbers. A number of young men who were held for questioning were released. At least two other men however, were still in custody being questioned.

The Police Force is still to address complaints from the residents of Linden about the manner in which the police carried out their initial investigations. Doors were kicked down and homes were ransacked according to some Wismar residents who complained to News Source about what they considered the unprofessional conduct of the police ranks who carried out the searches in the community.

The Post Office was robbed of millions of dollars in pension payments and other cash when two men attacked the post office just after it opened its doors on Monday. The Police guard on duty was beaten and relieved of his weapon by the bandits.


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