Police seek Interpol help to track down Biker’s killer

Police seek Interpol help to track down Biker’s killer

The Guyana Police Force is looking for help from Interpol to track down Wanted man, businessman Randy Jagdeo.

The water street businessman has been on the run ever since he reportedly shot and killed his biker friend Kirk Davis. There are reports that he may be hiding out in neighbouring Suriname.

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud on Monday said they are no new leads but local police investigators have moved to place Randy Jagdeo’s name on the international wanted list put out by Interpol.

The Police issued a wanted bulletin for Randy Jagdeo over a month ago after he was fingered in the shooting death of biker Kirk Davis outside Davis’ home at Eccles.

Eyewitnesses fingered Jagdeo in the man’s murder and he has been seen from since. However, he has been calling friends of the dead biker, apologizing for the shooting death. Jagdeo reportedly shot the biker during a meeting in his car over accusations that the young biker was involved in a relationship with his wife. The woman was also shot and hospitalised.

Biker Kirk Davis who was described as “easy-going and smart”, was shot 16 times to his body. He was dragged out of the car and left to die outside his house. A number of persons in the Eccles area witnessed the murder back in September.


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