Businessman wanted for biker’s murder spotted in Suriname

Businessman wanted for biker’s murder spotted in Suriname

Water Street businessman Randy Jagdeo who is wanted for the murder of  biker Kirk Davis has been spotted in Suriname and the Guyana Police Force is in touch with Surinamese Law Enforcement agencies on the matter.

Police Commissioner Leroy Brummel on Thursday said that the Force has received information about the wanted man being seen by a number of persons who know him over in the neighbouring country. He said steps are already being taken to get Surinamese Police involved in the matter.

There are reports that Jagdeo was spotted at stores in Paramaribo, Suriname on the same day that the Guyana Police Force issued a wanted bulletin for him. He has also been contacting a number of persons in Guyana apologizing for the murder and offering reasons for committing the offence.

Biker, Kirk Davis was shot 16 times to the body as he sat in the back seat of a car in front of his Eccles home. Persons who were in the area at the time have said they saw the water street businessman shooting standing to the back of the car shooting at the biker. Davis had reportedly gone into the car to settle a feud with the businessman. The businessman had accused Davis who was a friend of his, of having a relationship with his wife.

Sources in the Eccles area said they heard a woman scream out “Randy don’t do it” just before multiple gunshots were heard and the businessman Randy Jagdeo was seen with a gun firing shots to the back of the car where the young biker was sitting.

The biker was then thrown on to the roadway where he was repeatedly shot and the businessman was seen driving away from the scene in a silver Toyota Premio motor car that carried PRR series license plates.

A woman believed to be the businessman’s wife who was reportedly also in the car sustained a gunshot wound and was treated at a private hospital.

The shooting death of the young biker shocked his family members and stunned his fellow bikers who said that the two men were friends and they were shocked at the way an apparent disagreement between the two was handled by the businessman who is also a biker.


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