Businessman Randy Jagdeo freed of Kirk Davis’ murder

Businessman Randy Jagdeo freed of Kirk Davis’ murder

Water Street Businessman, Randy Jagdeo walked out of the Georgetown Magistrates Court a free man on Thursday morning after the Magistrate ruled that the Prosecution failed to establish the case of murder against the businessman for the shooting death of biker Kirk Davis.

A number of witnesses were a no-show during the preliminary inquiry but the Magistrate’s decision came as a complete shock to relatives and friends who were in the courtroom.

The younger brother of the dead biker walked out of the courtroom as he heard the decision to set Jagdeo free. The biker Kirk Davis was shot 16 times to his body at close range on September 4, 2013 just outside his house in Eccles while he sat in a car with Jagdeo and Jagdeo’s wife. The businessman had accused the young biker who was his friend, of having an affair with the wife. kirk-davis

The wife reportedly received a gunshot wound during the shooting incident and she was treated at a city hospital, held under police guard for a few days then allowed to leave the country. Jagdeo remained on the run for over a month and turned himself into law enforcement in late October 2013. It is believed that he was hiding out in neighbouring Suriname.

A key witness in the case was the young man who worked along with the biker who said he saw Randy Jagdeo at the scene of the shooting and he witnessed the entire incident. He said he had warned the biker not to go out to the car with Jagdeo but the young man still went out to the car and was fatally shot during a heated conversation.

This latest case has raised concern once again about the state of police investigations in Guyana and how the state prepares to prosecute cases. There is no proper witness protection in place and in many cases witnesses would stay away from court. In some cases even the police witnesses would stay away from giving evidence.

A few months ago a young cricketer who was caught on camera shooting another man to death was freed of the murder charge when several witnesses including the police failed to show up in court to present evidence against the cricketer. The cricketer was later freed and allowed to leave the country although the Police was making moves to reinstate the charges against him.

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