Policeman stabbed by taxi driver in Linden

Policeman stabbed by taxi driver in Linden

A Police Officer attached to the Mackenzie Police Station is a patient of the Mackenzie Hospital nursing stab wounds.

Reports out of Linden indicate that the young traffic officer was attacked and stabbed to forehead and mouth by a taxi driver after he stopped the driver for committing a traffic offence.

According to reports, the incident took place on Wednesday morning in the vicinity of the Amelia’s Ward mini bus park in the Mackenzie Market area. The taxi driver reportedly drove off from the policeman early in the morning after he was spotted committing a traffic offence.

He was spotted later in the same area and when the traffic cop approached him about the offence and the possible charges, he pulled out a knife and attacked the young policeman. The assailant has not been spotted since the incident.

Investigations are ongoing.

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