Politician’s son shot during robbery outside High Court

Politician’s son shot during robbery outside High Court

The son of PPP Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Health Joe Hamilton, was shot on Friday midday during a robbery outside the High Court in the heart of Georgetown.

29-year-old Abdalla Hamilton had just arrived at the court to transact some business with the Registry department when he was accosted outside the courthouse by two bandits and relieved of $2 Million that he had just received from a local bank as part of a house construction loan.

The young man who works with the One Laptop Project, was shot to his thigh and in the area of his groin as the bandits made off with the money.

He was rushed to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital by a friend and a policeman who were in the area at the time. When News Source visited the Mercy Hospital, the young man was stabilized and being prepared to be transferred to the Georgetown Hospital for surgery and other treatment.

His father Joe Hamilton who is a former Member of Parliament for the People’s National Congress ¬†told News Source that he was at a lost over the attack on his son.

He said the younger Hamilton is busy with the construction of his house and had just left the Republic Bank Camp Street location to wrap up business at the High Court in relation to the same house construction when the incident occurred.

The family rushed down to the hospital as soon as they received news of the shooting incident.

A Police investigation is underway.

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