Six men, One woman charged for West Coast murder and robberies

Six men, One woman charged for West Coast murder and robberies

Seven persons including one woman appeared in Court on Friday before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry charged in connection with the murder of West Coast businessman Zulficar Namdar who was gunned down in his Meten-meer-zorg shop two weeks ago during a robbery.

While complaining about police brutality, abuse, torture and forced confessions, the seven persons, Esan Lawrence, Jermaine Williams, Delwayne Croft, Alan Dorsett, Samuel Bacchus, Cassandra Singh and Andrew Chandler all appeared in court on Friday. They were not required to plea to the indictable murder charge.

The Police case is that the seven worked together in committing a robbery and murdering the young businessman. As they left the courthouse, they loudly protested their arrest and the charges.

Earlier in the week, some of those charged today had complained to attorneys that they were badly beaten and tortured at the Leonora Police station by officers of the Criminal Investigations Department. One attorney who was visiting a client at the station earlier in the week, told News Source that she was horrified when she heard loud screams and groans coming from the lock ups at the station while the men were being interrogated.

Outside the courthouse today, the men again cried out for justice, telling family members and the media that they were wrongly being accused for the crime.

Some of the same persons were also charged in connection with a robbery at Wakenaam. They all denied that charge also.

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