Port Kaituma man kills wife then commits suicide

Port Kaituma man kills wife then commits suicide
The interior community of Port Kaituma has been rocked by another brutal crime that has left community leaders stunned. Police investigators rushed into the scene of a murder/suicide on Monday morning where they found the bodies of 39-year-old Pamela Martin and her 64-year-old reputed husband Victor Pires.
Investigations have revealed that the two were involved in an argument when the husband, Victor Pires, grabbed his shotgun and blasted his wife away in their Port Kaituma home then turned the gun on himself and took his own life.
The entire incident played out in front of the couple’s young children who were badly traumatised by the deadly scene. According to the Police, the incident took place just after 4 am on Monday morning. It is believed the husband may have been drinking alcohol sometime before he decided to murder his wife and take his own life.
Investigators said an improvised shotgun and three empty cartridges were found at the scene by the police. The bodies are at the Port Kaituma mortuary.

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