Guyanese mother and son killed in NY smash up

Guyanese mother and son killed in NY smash up

A Guyanese woman and her son were killed instantly when their car veered off the road and hit a tree Friday afternoon in New York. 

Times Union reports that 30 year old Mervyn Albert, was driving his mother home to Schenectady when he lost control on a back road and went airborne, State Police said. His mother, Angeli Persaud, 56, was in the passenger seat. The crushed wreck of their grey Mazda halted on the grass near the tree.

Persaud was a home health aide who cared for an elderly woman in Schuylerville. She did not have her driver’s license, so her son chauffeured her to and from her job, said Persaud’s brother,Shammie Persaud.

The accident happened on Burgoyne Road off Route 29 around 2:20 p.m. Friday. It occurred in broad daylight and with dry road conditions. State Police said speed was a factor.

Shammie Persaud said his nephew was a safe driver. He had no speeding tickets or accidents. “He was always careful because he had a plan for life,” Shammie Persaud said.

Albert and his mother had moved to Queens from Guyana five years ago and then relocated to Schenectady last year because it was more affordable. They lived with Persaud’s parents at 1032 Forest Road.

Albert hoped to buy a house and bring his wife and family here from Guyana. On a recent visit to his homeland, he and his wife adopted two young cousins who had been orphaned. Albert worked at Staples and studied computer science at Schenectady County Community College.

“He never missed a class and always did his best,” Shammie Persaud said. “He was always mannerly, never cursed or used drugs or anything like that.”

Shammie Persaud wept when he talked about his sister. She was the eldest sister of the family, and as the eldest, she took care of her younger brothers and sisters.

“She taught me to be kind and gentle and to pray,” he said.

Angeli Persaud worked a second home health job in Manhattan every Saturday to Monday. She attended church at the Assembly of God in Queens.

Police informed Shammie Persaud of his sister and nephew’s death just as he was leaving home to attend Good Friday services at Calvary Tabernacle Church in Schenectady.

He said it was an auspicious sign that his sister died on Good Friday.

“This is one way of expressing her love for the Lord and today she is with him,” he said.

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