Port Kaituma mining camp robbed of over $50Million & 90 ounces Gold

Port Kaituma mining camp robbed of over $50Million & 90 ounces Gold

Police investigators have moved into the Port Kaituma area in Region One following a multi million dollar robbery on Friday night. The  El Dorado Gold Trading company which operates in the area was robbed of over $50 Million in cash and 90 ounces of gold and the suspected bandits may have carried out a well planned operation.

Reports out of the area state that on Friday night, the two staffers who work with the gold trading company were in their company’s building when they began feeling drowsy.

One of the staffers has told investigators that he became disoriented and drowsy and noticed the other staffer sleeping away. News Source understands that after the Georgetown office could not make contact with the men, persons were sent to building where the men were discovered both unconscious.

One was tied up and the other was found lying unconscious with bruises to his face and head. The money and gold were gone.

The two were rushed to the hospital where they were treated. The Police believe the two men may have been poisoned with some sort of sleeping gas. The grill to the back of the building was found out-of-place and it is believed the bandits made their entry and exit through that point.

News Source has learnt that over 15 persons were arrested in the area between Saturday and Sunday in connection with the investigations. Among them a number of Brazilians and a boat captain who police believe may have driven a high speed boat from the scene on Friday night.

The two staffers have since been brought out from the interior community and are being further questioned by Police.

The El Dorado Company trades in the buying of gold from miners in the Region One area.

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