Employees held, money and gold recovered in Kaituma heist

Employees held, money and gold recovered in Kaituma heist

The two employees who were found tied up in their El Dorado Gold trading operations building at Port Kaituma in Region One have been brought to the city and remain in Police custody and could face possible charges this week.

Police investigators believe the entire multi million dollar heist was staged by the employees and some persons in the Port Kaituma area. At least 10 other persons remain in Police custody. A speed boat operator was also nabbed with millions of dollars in cash and gold also.

There are also reports that a policeman in the area is under investigation in connection with the same case. On Friday night, the two employees were found tied up in the building of the gold trading company and claimed that they were drugged and fell asleep.

Over $50 million in cash and 90 ounces of gold that were in their care was missing. They claimed they had no idea what happened.

The owners of the business who was based in Georgetown noticed that something was wrong on Saturday when he could not make any contact with the employees and they missed their flight out of the Region One area.

Checks at the location, found the men tied up. They were taken to a hospital where they were treated and eventually discharged. One of them had wounds to his head.

There are reports that a large amount of gold was also recovered stashed under the bed of one of the men.

Police investigators believe the heist was well planned but may have been badly executed. A number of Brazilians who work in the area are also believed to be part of the staged robbery. The investigation continues.

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