GCCI and US Aid launch Youth Job Bank

GCCI and US Aid launch Youth Job Bank

In collaboration with the USAID Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) project, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) launched a Youth Job Bank on November 7 which is now hosted on the GCCI website.

The Job Bank was created following a suggestion by Clinton Urling, President of the GCCI and member of the SKYE Project’s Employment Sector Advisory Group. Its objective is to serve as a resource for GCCI members and other employers in fulfilling their businesses’ needs for semi-skilled labor. Members match their needs with the potential employees listed in the Job Bank.

At a ceremony to mark the launch, Urling highlighted the usefulness of such an approach for employee recruitment, noting that he has already hired a number of SKYE graduates to work in his business.

He and others noted the excellent reputation SKYE graduates have already developed for their performance on the job.

U.S. Ambassador D. Brent Hardt thanked Urling and the GCCI for their leadership on this initiative and for the on-going support of the private sector in ensuring the program’s success: “From the initial launch of the USAID SKYE program until now, the private sector has remained a vital and vibrant partner in supporting and creating new opportunities for Guyana’s young people.” He emphasized that “absent strong and vibrant local public and private sector leadership, the achievements made so far under USAID’s SKYE program would not have been possible.”

The SKYE project is an integral part of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) partnership between the United States and the Caribbean. The project focuses on equipping youth with market-driven skills and improving their ability to transition to the workforce.

In addition to other support, youth are provided with life skills training and are attached to career coaches who mentor them and provide linkages to necessary services and job opportunities.  (US Embassy)

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