Young love murder/suicide rocks West Ruimveldt

Young love murder/suicide rocks West Ruimveldt

Residents in the West Ruimveldt area were left in a state of disbelief on Monday evening following the discovery of the lifeless bodies of a 22-year-old young man and his 23-year old girlfriend. The young woman’s throat was slit and was found lying on a bed. The young man’s body was discovered hanging in the same room.

Police investigators are treating the case as a murder suicide. It is believed that the young man Kenroy Crandon slit throat of his girlfriend Sheryann Tiware then hung himself moments later.

The two were involved in a relationship  for years according to the man’s  aunt who only give her name as Donna.

She said the couple once lived together in the home but after their relationship became abusive and the young woman would not listen to her counsel, she asked the young woman to leave and warned her nephew that the young lady should never return to the house and should never sleep over at the Lot DSC0503627 West Ruimveldt two storey house.

The aunt said it was clear that her decision did not go down well with the two and the young man would often complain about not being allowed to have his girlfriend over. The woman said her decision was to prevent something bad happening to the young lady since the two were always involved in arguments and fights when they lived together. She said the last time she saw the young lady was back in September.

According to the aunt, she saw her nephew on Monday morning as he was getting ready for work and had a brief conversation with him about the pouring rain and his job. The woman said later in the day she saw him in the kitchen of the house and she retired to her room.

It was just after 5 o’ clock on Monday afternoon that the gruesome discovery was made.

“My cousin came over and we heard noises coming from the upstairs and I called out for my nephew. I said Kenroy and I called out for him about five times and got no answer”, she said.

The aunt said after she continued to call out for him and got no answer she decided to go to the top flat of the house in the company of her cousin. She explained that after they got to the room, they continued to call out for him but got no answer. Her cousin eventually climbed over the wall and told her “I aint like what I seeing here”.

When the two kicked open the door, she spotted her young nephew hanging from the roof and was left in shock. As they made their way into the room, she was even more shocked when she saw the young girlfriend sprawled on the bed with her throat slit. She was fully clothed.

A confused aunt said “this is like a real Romeo and Juliet story. And this is what does happen to the women today when them ain’t want leave the men and it is what happens to the men when them ain’t want leave the women. “

She said she could not understand how no screams were heard coming from the room and she believes the loud noise that grabbed her attention must have been when her nephew hung himself.

The aunt said she tried her best with her nephew and she continuously warned the young woman about their relationship.

Scores of persons in the area came out to get a glimpse of the scene as the two dead bodies were placed side by side in the back of a hearse and driven away to a city morgue.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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