PPP blames City Hall for flooding woes…Mayor says not so fast

PPP blames City Hall for flooding woes…Mayor says not so fast

The blame game continues over who should take responsibility for the garbage pile up and drainage problems in the nation’s capital.

Even as several communities in and outside of Georgetown continue to recover from last week’s flooding,the governing People’s Progressive Party is throwing blame for the garbage and flooding problems at the feet of the Georgetown city council.

At a press conference on Monday, PPP Member of Parliament Norman Whittaker who also serves as a Minister of Local Government said City Hall has not been managing its finances well despite receive significant financial help from the government.

He said “the City Council, the Mayor and the Council must accept responsibility for the flooding and the destruction caused by the flooding. According to the general secretary The PPP and the citizens of Georgetown must no longer fetch the burden of the city council’s incompetence.”

According to Whittaker, “for the years 2007 to 2013, to date, financial and other support to the extent of $337M has been given to the City Council.”

The PPP has also said citizens have the right to change the make up of the city council although the same administration has not called local government elections since 1994.

Meanwhile, City Mayor Hamilton Green in a letter to the media said the Local Government Ministry needs to shoulder the responsibility for the current state of the city and the flooding problems that were provoked last week by heavy rainfall.

Green said “the council is de facto, managed, or mismanaged by the Ministry of Local Government and a Town Clerk (ag) imposed on the council by the said ministry for reasons which are not obscure. If according to the President, the administration is not functioning, then it is his chosen administration. The administration is headed by the person his government appointed.”

Last week, a few hours of rainfall sent flood waters rushing into several homes as canals and drains remained clogged. Several streets were closed off and schools and businesses were forced to close their doors.

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