PPP claims it has found 2,958 dead people on voters list

PPP claims it has found 2,958 dead people on voters list

The governing People’s Progressive Party on Monday revealed that during its checks of the current Preliminary List of Electors it has found approximately 2,958 persons on the list who are all dead.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee told a mid morning News conference at Freedom House, that the revelation confirms the party’s concerns about the list not being a clean one. He said the PPP has since forwarded its findings and information about its findings to the Guyana Elections Commission for action.

According to Mr. Rohee, 450 dead persons were found on the lists in Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine and in Region Three, 232 dead persons were found on the list. He added that 345 dead persons were found on the Region Two list while 430 who would have gone to the great beyond are still on the Region Five list.

The highest number of dead persons were found on the Region Six list according to the PPP General Secretary. That Berbice region accounted for 925 dead persons on the list. In Regions Four and Ten, 288 dead persons were found on the lists in each of those regions.

When asked what evidence, the PPP would have garnered to confirm the deaths, Rohee said Guyana is a small place and because “everybody knows everybody”, PPP activists conducting checks easily learnt from neighbours and relatives the details of persons who could not be located.  He is confident that the party has got it right and said he would not have come before the national media with the information unless it was correct. Rohee said the Elections Commission must now investigate those claims and continue to work towards providing a clean list of electors.

The Guyana Elections Commission has been standing by the list as the Claims and Objections period is underway. Rohee contends that his party does not want confusion, but instead wants a clean list that will set the stage for free and fear and transparent elections.

He said the PPP was helping out Gecom with its work by pointing out what it sees as problems on the list, adding that as a major stakeholder in the electoral process, his party has a right to make its concerns known. Rohee noted also that if there continues to be problems with the list, then the party could object to the list heading into elections. That objection could force GECOM to ensure that all of the concerns are addressed.

The PPP General Secretary also lambasted the Elections Commission for its public relations drive and its mobile outreach. He said the public relations drive has failed and the mobile units have been visiting areas when persons are mostly at work.

The Guyana Elections Commission intends to host a press conference this week to deal with the many concerns being raised as the nation prepares for the likelihood of early elections.

1st September , 2014  

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