President notes need to protect the motherland and democracy in Republic Day address

President notes need to protect the motherland and democracy in Republic Day address

As Guyana celebrates its 54th year as a Republic today, President Irfaan Ali has noted that the efforts will continue to protect the motherland from all threats from outside of our borders.

In his Republic Day address at last evening’s flag raising ceremony, the President said the Government will continue the strengthening of national defence, noting that the capabilities of the Guyana Defence Force are being improved, while defence diplomacy is being strengthened, and defence cooperation is being fortified.

“Our Republic threatens no one. We eschew aggression. We are a peaceful nation. We settle disputes peacefully and repose our trust in international law. We seek friendly relations with our neighbours. We want peace and stability. Our investment is to ensure that peace and stability remain in our region and a foundation through which neighbourly love and goodwill are built”, President Ali said.

He said the Republic is now characterized by a dynamic economy that has become the fastest growing in the world and which is prepped for sustained growth and development. According to the President, Guyana’s economy is becoming more diversified and resilient and the country has become a magnet for investment.

He said “our model of development, at this stage in our economic history, aims to continue to invest in our people’s well-being. The vision we have for our Republic is one in which the country’s development revolves around ensuring that every Guyanese family can attain a decent standard of living, with access to fundamental needs such as adequate housing, quality and lifelong education, nutritious food, healthcare, education, clean water, security and recreational facilities. This encompasses providing opportunities for home ownership, eliminating hunger, offering comprehensive healthcare services across all life stages, facilitating skills training for employment, and creating an environment conducive to wealth creation for every family through entrepreneurship and across all economic sectors”.

The President said the Government is moving ahead with the building of Guyana 2030, indicating that the next six years require hard work, sacrifices, and commitment.

With the ongoing strike by teachers, the President noted that he is the product of two teachers and therefore teachers will always have a place in his heart.   He said his commitment to every worker and citizen of Guyana is that prosperity will come, but it will take time and patience, and it will take sacrifices.

The President maintained the Government line of the strike being political.

“A threat to national development undermines the prosperity and well-being of our people. Any impediment to our development, including through the instigation of political strikes of instability, directly impacts the livelihoods and opportunities available to our people. Such actions not only hinder our progress as a nation but also can result in hardships among our populace”, he said.

He noted the need to maintain democracy and slammed those who threaten that democracy and democratic practices.

President Ali said “any threat to this fundamental right erodes the very foundation of our nationhood. Perverting the will of the people through attempts to rig elections or to justify the rigging of elections, impairs and injures national sovereignty by subverting the democratic principles upon which it is built”.

He said his Government will continue its work to build a more united Guyana.

Guyana gained Republic status on the 23rd February 1970, cutting all ties from the British monarchy.


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