Rohee complains of Opposition “bullying”

Rohee complains of Opposition “bullying”

General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party, Clement Rohee, used the 17th death anniversary memorial for late President and Party Leader Dr. Cheddi Jagan to complain about the Opposition’s majority in the National Assembly and the impact the majority has been having on the Government.

 Mr. Rohee told the party faithful who gathered at Babu John in Berbice that  “with this one seat majority they want to bully this government, they want us to do their bidding, they are behaving as though the PPP is the executive arm of the one seat majority of the parliament. We want to remind them that this PPP government was democratically elected and until such time that elections are called, we will remain solid as a rock.”

The party and many of its supporters have been beating drums of snap elections but President Donald Ramotar does not appear to be moving in that direction any time soon. Just recently the Minister of Local Government said that the Elections Commission is in no position to host Local Government polls. That statement by the Minister raised questions about what would the readiness of GECOM be like for snap national elections if the same Government does not believe the elections body could pull off the much smaller local government elections. unnamed (2)

After over 20 years in Government, Rohee who also serves as the Home Affairs Minister told the gathering that the PPP was still working to ensure a bright future for all Guyanese.

 “More is yet to come for the working people and farmers of the country, we have to do more as it relates to drainage and garbage collection, roads and let me tell you that the government has not given up our flagship project, Amaila Fall (hydropower), CJIA expansion, Marriott and the other projects which all Guyanese will benefit from”, Mr. Rohee said.

The event was used to raise the issue of the non passage of the amendments to the Anti Money Laundering Bill. The Opposition parties have been pressing the government to have some of their own recommendations incorporated in the updated legislation. The Government has started a series of town hall meetings across the country to highlight the issue. The Opposition parties appear resolute in their decision to ensure that a “clean bill” is presented to the National Assembly for passage.

A number of senior officials of the PPP and First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar spoke at the Jagan Memorial. President Donald Ramotar was absent due to his attendance at the CARIOM Inter Sessional Meeting in St. Vincent.

Dr. Cheddi Jagan who is respected as one of the Fathers of the Nation passed away in March, 1997 just seven months before he would have completed his first term as President of Guyana.

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