Rohee launches “I Paid A Bribe” website

Rohee launches “I Paid A Bribe” website

Guyana’s Ministry of Home Affairs has launched an internet initiative that it hopes will be able to crack down on bribery in Government agencies and departments and the Guyana Police Force.

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee on Friday launched the “I Paid a Bribe Guyana” website which he hopes will serve as a deterrent to public officers demanding and accepting bribes for government services. The website’s address is and citizens are being encouraged to report their experiences of being asked to pay bribes and paying bribes on the website.

The local initiative follows a programme that was launched internationally in 2010 as part of an effort to identify and report corruption in Government services.

The Home Affairs Minister believes that the move will get Guyanese more involved in fighting corruption. Though they are asked to make reports of corruption and bribery on the website, persons are being discouraged from naming themselves or other persons on the website. The Ministry said the programme allows persons who would have paid bribes to do so anonymously.

However, since the programme is internet based, the Ministry and web masters could possibly locate the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of persons filing complaints. The Ministry has said the programme is part of its Citizen’s security initiative and is very secure.


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