Man tells lawyers he was “beaten into confessing” cop killing

Man tells lawyers he was “beaten into confessing” cop killing

A 26-year-old Georgetown man who Police have arrested and intend to charge for the shooting death of Police Corporal Romain Cleto is adamant that he had nothing to do with the murder of the young police officer and was badly beaten and tortured by police investigators who he said then forced him to sign a confession.

East Ruimveldt resident Shaka Chase was re-arrested on Thursday for the murder of the policeman nearly two weeks  after he had turned himself into investigators and released after he was named a person of interest in the case.

The man has told his Attorneys that when he was arrested on Thursday he was transferred between different police stations along the East Coast of Demerara and Police Headquarters, Eve Leary and badly beaten and tortured by investigating ranks.

Attorney James Bond visited the suspect on Saturday at the Headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department. Bond recorded part of his conversation with the man and posted the video to his Facebook page.

In the video, Chase recounts being so badly beaten by the police that he “messed up” his pants and underwear and was told to go bathe in the yard of the Police compound and dispose of the messy clothing behind a section of the building.

Attorney James Bond who is also a Member of Parliament for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) followed the man’s instructions on where to find the underwear and pants in the police compound. He located the pieces of clothing in the same area the man said he was told to throw them after he was beaten and sent to bathe.

In the video, Chase could also be seen telling the Attorney that he was electrically “shocked” at the pipe by the Police. Family members have said the man has a number of burns to his body which they claim are as a result of the Police torture.

The sister of the suspect, Sarah Chase said her brother was so badly beaten that he was vomiting blood on Sunday morning. She also said several bruises could be seen about his body especially in the area of his abdomen.

The family maintains that the young man was no where close to the Avenue of the Republic area in Georgetown on the night that the police corporal was shot dead.

The Policeman was shot dead as he approached a tinted vehicle on Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown. Two other policemen were injured in the shooting.





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