Police search for 2nd man in Cop Killing

Police search for 2nd man in Cop Killing

Police investigators began a search for a second man they want to question in connection with the shooting death of Police Corporal Romain Cleto.

Just after midday on Monday and hours after murder charges were filed against East Ruimveldt resident Shaka Chase in the same case, Police officers moved into the Albouystown community in search of Rayburn Harvey. The man’s Attorney Gordon Gilhuys told News Source that his client was not at home at the time the police rushed into his house.

Attorney Gilhuys said he had already taken the young man into the police for questioning in connection with the same case when his name was first mentioned. He said Harvey was questioned and sent away with no other request for him to visit the Police again.

Gilhuys told News Source that “having seen the beating and torture that Shaka Chase was subjected to, I am honestly fearful to this other young man in, but I intend to do so after he would have been checked out by a Doctor to ensure he has no injuries or marks of violence on his body before he is handed over to police.”

The Attorney further stated that he intends to have the media and human rights activists present when he decides to have his client handed over to the police.

Attorney Gordon Gilhuys is a former Magistrate and Senior Police Officer. He told News Source that he is upset and disappointed with the way the Police Force is handling the investigations into the death of the Policeman, Romain Cleto.

On Monday morning, the Police charged 26-year-old East Ruimveldt resident, Shaka Chase for the murder of Cleto. The move by the Force was done without any advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions. Statements from witnesses who could corroborate Shaka Chase’s alibi were ignored by Police investigators according to Attorney Nigel Hughes.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has since indicated to the Attorneys that she intends to review all the evidence in the matter  and from all sides.


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