New Police Ranks urged to uphold professionalism

New Police Ranks urged to uphold professionalism

After serving two years of probation at various locations across the country, 131 ranks were recalled to Police Headquarters for final training before their passing out parade on Friday at the Tactical Services Unit Square, Eve Leary.

Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell expressed pride in the performance of the ranks who he said performed so well that he expects that they will walk the plank of professionalism at any location where they are posted

Brumell also noted that emphasis is being placed on the training system for the Guyana Police Force. He said that in excess of $200M was budgeted in 2013 for training of ranks, however, the amount was not passed because there were some problems with the allocation to the sector.

He also acknowledged that the ranks are provided with local and international training. At the moment ranks are in Trinidad and Tobago, Russia and Korea undergoing training.

As a part of this training process, Information Technology is also an area looked at. The Felix Austin Police Training College has about 20 computers which are used by the ranks for IT practice. Another training center in Berbice, the Zara Complex, is not only used for police training, but by the residents as well.

The Commissioner touched on the fact that another centre will be constructed in Essequibo soon, and will also provide access to IT training and usage.

Brumell said during the 173 years of the existence of the organisation, there have been many officers who served with pride and honesty, and he urged the new ranks to do the same. He reiterated that if any officer is found acting unprofessional or committing an offence he/she will be dealt with according to the law. “We will maintain law and order in this country,’’ he emphasised


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