Security guard shoots fisherman dead during argument

Security guard shoots fisherman dead during argument

A security guard attached to the Prittipaul Singh Investments company is in police custody after he shot and killed a fisherman during an early morning argument at the Prittipaul Singh Company at Ruimveldt.

Dead is 45-year-old Elvis Pollard of Crane, West Bank Demerara.  The incident reportedly took place just after 7 am while the two men became involved in an argument.

According to the dead fisherman’s wife, her husband and other small fishermen would gain access to under the wharf of the Prittipaul company to catch fish by paying the guards weekly.  She said her husband missed a payment last week and was threatened that he should not return.

The man reportedly did not take the threat seriously and returned early this morning to carry out his small-scale operation beneath the company’s wharf. An argument began over the money that is owed to the security and eyewitnesses said the security guard grabbed a shotgun and fired shots at the fisherman in his boat. He was killed on the spot.

Confused family members hurried down to the scene but were prevented from gaining access to the compound. According to relatives, Elvis Pollard carried out his small-scale fish operation for several years and would ply his trade in the Stabroek market area. They want full murder charges to be laid against the “trigger happy” security guard.


Filed: 29th January 2015


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